Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Dance of Life: Part 1

2011 Phoenix Challenge (NQE) — IMG_6331
2011 Phoenix Challenge (NQE) — IMG_6331, originally uploaded by Titoxd

A few weeks ago, my friend Noël and I got into an awesome conversation, and concluded that awesome dance partners would make for amazing sex. We found that girls prefer a man who is dominant and confident, yet respectful and mindful of a girl's needs—and since we all know that happy wife = happy life, that constitutes one of the keys to a successful relationship. However, there is another very important requirement in a relationship: the girl has to respect the guy, trust him, and follow his lead. This can only happen when the girl is fully convinced that the guy has her interests in mind. What happens when she doesn't believe this? She starts to backlead, and at that point, nothing works right anymore. It works the same way in ballroom dancing and sex.

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