Friday, September 16, 2011

The Dance of Life: Part 5

2011 UNLV Desert Challenge — IMG_9997.JPG
2011 UNLV Desert Challenge — IMG_9997.JPG, originally uploaded by Titoxd

The most fundamental similarity between dancing and dating is that they both are endeavors that require constant communication between two people. Both of them are undertaken by individuals who are striving to reach a goal neither one can reach independently. Both can only work when the goals of both partners are shared and laid out in the open. The result of both dancing and dating can be expressions that are unparalleled in beauty. However, they required hard work by both the guy and the girl.

No single person can carry a partnership: the task is too complex and the difficulty is too high. As experience has let me know, relationships with a material unbalance in the expectations from each partner will invariably end up in disappointment, even if it doesn't occur immediately. So if you are planning on getting into some sort of commitment, be it before the dance floor or before the altar, be extremely clear of what you expect from the other person, and of what the other person expects of you.

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  1. ... and if the two of you are sporting medals for it at the end of the day, chances are you're doing something right :)